ketoplans.in is a child of the covid-19 quarantine in India. We skipped everything but the essentials.

"What matters, does.
Nothing else matters.

     If we are to help people uncomplicate their ketogenic journey then the first step is to uncomplicate ourselves. Which is how this came to be an intuitive, no-nonsense meal-planner that pushes usability and responsive design forward.

"We hope to help those of us on the Ketogenic Way of Eating (WoE) make the most of our collective expertise."

     One of us may have perfected the Keto Roti but we are struggling with finding the right mix for our Keto Dosa, while somewhere, someone has done wonders with the Keto Dosa but needs a quick and easy Dhokla recipe or the perfect Kosha Mangsho recipe. ketoplans will let all of us share our recipes with nonchalance.

Made for Indian Taste Buds.

    If you've tried it, you know it's galling to google for nutrition information about indian keto-friendly foods - whole food or proprietary - just to calculate the nutritional load of your typical Indian meal. Ketoplans not only has all the popular whey isolate and protein powder brands in India but we've even added all the brands of Paneer available in the country - Amul, Mother Dairy, Sind-Punjab Dairy, Nandhini, Heritage and the likes. The macro-nutrient information for every ingredient that you could possibly buy or grow for your keto meals is at your fingertips. And if we've missed any just let us know and we will add it.

"I’m a small man and I make small, beautiful things that work. I’m not interested in making an app that’s only marketing and lets you down the moment you start using it.

Then, I will have people who sign up enthusiastically only to be let down by their experience of the app. What's the point of that? I’d rather users stumble on to the site, register out of their curiosity, and become gradually enthusiastic about the app when they see, more and more of what it can do because they are good at noticing stuff."

Dananjay Anandan

Privacy Matters

     We DO NOT share your personal data with anyone, for any reason. Period. And for this reason we collect the bare minimum personal information we need to provide this service. And as part of our resolve to push for data freedom we have forsaken the "login with facebook" button.

No Payment Necessary. No Ads.

     The recipes that you've perfected through trial and error is what is valuable on ketoplans. AND you can keep any recipe private.

Who's behind ketoplans.in?

     ketoplans is an invention of necessity for Dananjay Anandan, entrepreneur and founder of Feasthouse Catering, a fine-dining catering company. He has been on the Ketogenic WoE since 2016, and is a self-taught nutrition consultant. With the number of clients growing over the years it was necessary to automate the process. The idea of a meal planner for the Indian Keto Community to share recipe ideas emerged after finding many of his clients for whom he made weekly meal plans liked the new meals he had added for them which were originally made based on the recipe of another client. Which made him wonder, "Wouldn't it be great if people could just share their perfected keto recipes seamlessly with each other?" From there it was a leap of faith to make it a social app.

When we share food, we become a better community.